The brand Bluerise was created by Bluefinance to promote sustainable visitor attractions in our MPAs.

TASA and Bluefinance work together since 2020 to improve the Turneffe Atoll Marine Park

TASA is the official co-manager of the Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve; ensuring effective management, protection and sustainable use of Belize’s largest Marine Protected Area.

The marine reserve is a management tool which is divided into different zones which includes: General Use Zone, Conservation Zone, Special Management Zone & Preservation Zone

TASA has four major programs: Adaptive Management, Enforcement, Education & Outreach, Tourism

The Adaptive Management program consists of science research and monitoring most of which are conducted by field staff and partner organizations to be able to inform management of the resource status for adaptive management.

TASA employs 16 rangers who form the enforcement team and conducts patrols throughout the entire Atoll.

The Education and Outreach program provides an opportunity to engage with direct and indirect users of the Atoll in order to inform them about the regulations and sustainable use of the Atoll and to collaborate on alternative livelihood projects.

The Tourism Program engages recreational users of the atoll and provides premium level value added services and amenities in order to continue attracting « High Value, Low Impact » Tourism in Turneffe. These consist of visitor facilities, moorings, Blue Talks and Citizen Science programs.

Website: TASA
Contact: reservations@tasabelize.com
Tel: +011 501 223-1927