Turneffe is one of the most naturally diverse atolls in the Caribbean — with extensive mangroves, sea-grass beds, coral reefs, sandy beaches, and inland littoral forests — Turneffe is an exquisite example of Nature at her best.


These spaces house an amazing variety of flora and fauna.  Around 48 of the 60 species of hard corals are found in Belize and over 300 species of fish, as well as dolphins, manatees, sharks, sea turtles and salt-water crocodiles. The crystal waters are also host to two regionally important spawning aggregation sites for grouper.




The littoral forests are especially important as they represent Belize’s most threatened ecosystem and are carefully preserved here on Turneffe.

In addition to cleaning water from the land prior to it flowing into the sea and providing a nursery for reef fish; the mangrove forests support several breeding colonies of sea birds including boobies, cormorants, terns and frigates. Covering 11,000 ha, this productive area also acts as a carbon sink, removing the greenhouse gas from the atmosphere.


Finally, the shallow flats of Turneffe, are considered among the best fly fishing sites in the world, teeming with the big 3 — tarpon, permit and bonefish.

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